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Hi all!

I'm actually doing it! An 18-mile open ocean paddle from Montauk Point to Block Island to raise money for Paddlers for Humanity, a great organization that supports kids on the East End of Long Island. Any donation you can contribute is much appreciated! Please don't donate anonymously; would love to thank everyone after!



Name Date Amount Comments
Brian Strauss 09/03/2015 $25.00 Paddle On!!!!
Kelly Laffey 08/31/2015 $150.00  
Daniel Wright 08/31/2015 $25.00  
Denise Bornschein 08/31/2015 $20.00  
Kelly Laffey 08/31/2015 $60.00  
Brendan & Allison O'Reilly 08/28/2015 $25.00  
Genevieve Horsburgh 08/28/2015 $20.00 Go Kelly!!! xoxo
Anonymous Friend 08/28/2015 $20.00 Hey Kelly! Sorry for the anonymous donation... I didn't want to make things awkward :) BUT I really did want to be able to support you and your cause - and to let you know how AWESOME I think this is! Best of luck tomorrow - go get 'em girl! Paddle on, Kate Dochelli
Katy Swain 08/28/2015 $36.00 The ironman of paddle boarders!! Go Kelly!!
Mary & Jeff Swain 08/28/2015 $72.00 You rock! But hope not too much on the board :)
Anonymous Friend 08/28/2015 $100.00 Only wish I was right there with you!
Meghan and Jed Dodge 08/27/2015 $100.00 Good luck!!!! You got this!!!
Linda Unterstein 08/27/2015 $118.00 So proud of all you do!!
Barbara Pierse 08/27/2015 $25.18 Love and luck!!
Sean Laffey 08/27/2015 $50.00 Go Hoos. Go Deacs.
Cristina Richard 08/27/2015 $25.00 Good luck--Paddle On!!
Molly Binder 08/27/2015 $20.00 Go for the gold!
Marley Lawrence 08/27/2015 $20.00 Go Kelly! So cool!
Kerry Branick 08/27/2015 $20.00 Go Kelly!!
Jenna Redfearn 08/27/2015 $25.00 You go girl!! You are awesome :)
Jeanne Diesing 08/27/2015 $118.00 Best of luck, Kelly! So proud of you!!
John Laffey 08/27/2015 $130.00 You go girl! Go Mets!
Lee Meyer 08/26/2015 $25.00 You'll do an ah-MAH-zing job!!!
Regina Cinque 08/26/2015 $25.00 Go Kelly!!!!!
Michael Laffey 08/26/2015 $118.00 Way to go!!!
Caitlin Crawford 08/26/2015 $25.00 Wohooooo! What a BA way to reach our favorite place. Good luck!!
Joann Williams 08/26/2015 $100.00  
Stacy Dermont 08/25/2015 $20.00 Go grrrl!
Jenna Raynell 08/25/2015 $15.00 You're inspiring! :)
Hall Wang 08/25/2015 $18.18 oh wow! so amazing!
Katie Laffey 08/25/2015 $20.00 Paddle on!
Carol Laffey 08/25/2015 $118.00 Life is better on the water!
Jack & Franca Richard 08/25/2015 $50.00 Good Luck, Kelly!
James Blair 08/25/2015 $15.00 Paddle on!
  Total $1,753.36